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kevin siddall
guitar, vocals
matthew karas
keyboards, vocals, guitar, harmonica
lee bennett
bass guitar
gary farrell


This is the website of Soil, a band founded in Manchester in 1984. If you are looking for information about the American rock group of the same name, their Facebook page is to be found at facebook.com/SOiLmusic.

New for 2020, we've put up another recording from 1987. Head to the "Songs" page for a slightly wonky recording of Profoundly Unhappy Again. We didn't put this up before because we thought that a better-quality copy might surface from the Soil archives. The tape appears to have stretched, causing a not totally uninspiring audio effect, from about 3 minutes 30 seconds or so.

In 2013, Matthew and Kevin reunited for a performance at Matthew's 50th birthday. Here's a quick sample if you want to see how badly we've aged:
Indifference 1985 Matthew - Guitar/Vocal, Kev - Drums, Lee - Bass
Indifference 2013 Matthew - Guitar/Vocal, Kev - Drum Programming, Bass

other members

The people pictured above constituted the line-up for most of the gigs in 1985 and 1986. Kevin and Matthew have been in every line-up, and were joined by various others over the years:

Rob Kerford DRUMS: 1984 to early 1985, plus some rehearsals in 1990.

Ravi Low-Beer DRUMS: 1985, one gig and some recording.

Phil Morris BASS: 1987 several gigs.

Ged O'Brien DRUMS: 1987 several gigs and some recording.

Howard Barber DRUMS: 1990 and 1991 recording.